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Check out this new study measuring how changes to elephant management can affect welfare. It defines behavioural and physiological welfare parameters for measuring stress in free-ranging elephants, laying a good foundation for further research.
Please take a moment to watch ⁦⁦ @WelfareElephant⁩’s new video. Hear about the use of our Elephant Behavioural Welfare Assessment Tool that is now available as a FREE app, & how this can be used to monitor the welfare of captive elephants over time https://t.co/d2zTXFTUjJ
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Would you like to know more about the Noah’s Ark keeper team?
Find out about the great work they do here: https://t.co/ddVKN0tWDv
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Read more about Noahs Arks Head Elephant Keeper Tom Lindley and how he uses the app here: https://t.co/A49D5ljgBS